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Game Design Document
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In a past age, robots reigned supreme until an unexpected anomaly abruptly halted their reign, silencing them all. Nature swiftly reclaimed its dominion, flourishing across the world. Now, after centuries in dormancy, these mechanical beings have mysteriously reawakened. Amidst the wild resurgence of nature, they find themselves locked in a struggle against each other, vying for supremacy in this reborn wilderness.

"Tap Conquest" is a strategic mobile game where players engage in intense tower-conquering battles, leveraging a mix of tactical unit deployment and resource management. It's a blend of the methodical planning and dynamic combat of a real-time strategy game, and the card-based loadout system reminiscent of deck-building games. Players must outmaneuver their opponents by strategically deploying units, customizing loadouts, and adapting to evolving battlegrounds.


"Tap Conquest" is designed to blend the captivating essence of classic tower-conquering games with the strategic depth of deck-building and customizable loadouts.

My idea was to combine these two genres to ensure that the game would distinguish itself from its peers, but also to enrich its gameplay with dynamic and strategic layers.

By integrating a comprehensive loadout and card mechanic, "Tap Conquest" offers players great control over their strategies, allowing for personalized approaches to each challenge, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience with a unique blend of customization and strategy.

Design Pillars

Game Design Pillar 1
Game Design Pillar 2
Game Design Pillar 3
Tower Conquest
The Tower Conquest mechanic stands as a core pillar, challenging players to strategically seize towers. This gameplay aspect demands careful unit deployment and resource management. This pillar encapsulates the essence of strategic gameplay, making every victory demand a methodical approach.

The Loadout system offers players the freedom to customize their gameplay experience. Through strategic selection of loadout cards, each with unique effects, players can tailor their approach to each level, encouraging experimentation and diverse strategies. As a core pillar, the Loadout system highlights the game's emphasis on player choice and strategic diversity, making each playthrough a unique reflection of individual preferences.

Steampunk meets Nature
The unique "Steampunk meets Nature" theme blends mechanical innovation with the wildness of nature. It influences everything from unit design to the game's overall aesthetic, making it a fundamental aspect of the game's identity and appeal.


Game Flow

The game is structured into levels, beginning with level 0 (the tutorial). Every time players achieve a victory, they will then unlock the following level, until all levels are completed in which case the game will end.

Players do not have the option to replay previous levels and will only be able to move forward linearly throughout the stages of the game. 

The reason behind not being to play levels retroactively lies in the fact that the game does not offer completion requirements for additional rewards, meaning that once a level is won there would be little reason to replay it.

User Interface

The user interface is kept minimal to avoid clutter and improve readability. The users should be able to understand and navigate quickly and efficiently.

Level Design

The game is structured into levels, beginning from level 0 (tutorial). Levels are grouped into different areas, each area presents a different aesthetic to the design. Levels are designed to be incrementally more difficult as the player approaches the end of an area.

The figure on the right (or below) represents the progression of the alpha version (v0.7.1) of the game.

Sketch to Level

level sketches 1 to 5

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